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Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Announces Its First Movement With a Micro-Rotor, Featured in New Radiomir 403 Days Automatic Models

Rolex GMT-Master II Replica's first ever movement features a decentralized winding rotation, also known as micro-rotor. It is part of its P.4000 automated movement. This trait is crucial as it reduces the movement's profile without compromising its performance. A new type of caliber has been introduced in the Radiomir 1940 series. It features three days of power reserve. Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Radiomir 40 Days Automatic will be available in either steel or red-gold housings. The case material is different for each iteration. There are also different strap and dial colors as well as different finishing levels.

Rolex GMT-Master II Replica's Caliber P.4000 was the First of its Kind. The Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches and Wonders Hong Kong exhibition featured the Rolex GMT-Master II Replica new type of movement as well as the model it comes with. The brand's Neuchatel workshops made the new caliber, P.4000.puretimereplica.com This is the company's first caliber to feature an off-centered microrotor. This is a significant feature because the rotor is smaller in diameter than the movement's and is moved to the sides. The technical solution allows for a small oscillating load to be placed directly inside the movement instead of being placed above it. This results in an automatic caliber that has a very thin profile and a thickness of 3.95mm. Its diameter is also 13 3/4 lines, which equals 31 mm.

Caliber P.4000 has 31 jewels and a balance-cock. It is secured with two supports. This is a useful feature that provides more structural integrity than a single support. A large bridge movement has a balance wheel that operates at 28,800 Hz. It is a variable-inertia type balance wheel. It is equipped with screws that permit fine-tuning the movement's speed without affecting the relationship between bridge and balance spring. Caliber P.4000 comes with two barrels that are wound by its bidirectional, off-centered rotor. Twin barrels, when fully charged, store enough energy for the movement to run for at least three full days. The movement, which contains 203 parts in total, also includes KIF Parashock shock protector device to provide better resistance against physical shocks.

There are two levels of finishing This type is less elaborate than the steel model and features a winding rod made from tungsten alloy. It also has a matte relief. Blue engraving is also available on this version's bridges. Red gold version of this novel watch features a micro-rotor made from 22K yellow gold. It also has a clue de Paris hobnail motif. These details are further enhanced with polished details in relief on a brushed surface. https://www.rolexgrade.me The bridges feature gilded engraving and circular brushing.